“I’m one of the thousands of nurses who dreamed to set foot on the land of the free. My frustration deepened when my former agency closed down and left me with nothing. And while I was here and hoping, the glint of hope slowly faded away along with the retrogression. After eight years, Uncle Sam opened his door once more and my priority date became current. I tried to reach out to other agencies expecting anyone could help recapture my application, but each closed their doors because I lack the necessary documents to complete my application.

I just realized… I should be glad they ignored me. Without that neglect, I wouldn’t be under the management of Health Carousel, which opened its door for me.

Health Carousel guided me in every step of the way. As soon as I completed my requirements, in a wink of an eye I was given my packet 4 (interview schedule) in less than a year. With their expertise and thorough assistance, I made it possible to get my EB-3 immigrant visa. They brighten every dark path each nurse has to take and will always be there to guide that person along the way to his destination.

Thank you so much to all the staffs (Ms. Je ann, Ms. Roda, Ms. Liza, Ma’am Nyra, Ma’am Connie and Ms. Valerie) for helping me achieve my goal to work in the “Land of Milk and Honey.”


Christopher B., RN

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