“It has always been my dream to live and work in the USA. I studied and took foreign exams to be qualified. I cleared every difficulty in attaining my goals. When I thought it was almost time for me to leave, it is when I was affected with retrogression. I did not expect it to be long enough until it would be uplifted but it took me more than eight years of waiting. When my priority date became current, I was really happy only to find out I was already abandoned by my employer.

It got me depressed and I thought maybe my dreams will only be a dream to me. Then my path crossed with Health Carousel where I have only applied online, from there I entrusted them in every step of the application. The only communication was through phone calls and emails. I haven’t even vested the agency personally but I just believed them. In a short span of time my paper’s back on the groove again. They got me refiled and got my licensed endorsed quickly.

There have been delays but it was all on me. They never stopped reminding me of all the things needed. Now that I am closer to achieving and fulfilling my dreams, I would like to give Health Carousel a big thank you for helping me in every step of the way. Thank you very much to all the staff especially to Ms. Jeane, Ms. Liza and Ms. Roda for the patience and the encouragement all throughout. But above all, I give all the glory to our Almighty God for not deserting my dreams.

Kudos to Health Carousel.”

Keneth Kim


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