I joined health carousel last December 2016. I was really hesitant to continue with my application back then because it was such a “too good to be true” thing. But thanks to Sir Mark because he was so eager to follow up on me, until I took the pretest in July 2017.
I took NCLEX on February 3, 2018. The application runs smoothly because of the help and assistance of Health Carousel. Every inquiry I asked, they answered promptly. I also did not felt any pressure in complying with the requirements because they gave me ample time to complete it. My online review also helped me a lot. I learned so many things especially test-taking strategies. From different modules up to the comprehensive exam, it’s as if I’m learning something new.

My NCLEX experience was really surreal. It was a dream come true. I arrived at the test center 2hours early from my appointment. And from the waiting time up to the moment that I sat in front of my computer, my heart was really pounding. It was like it wants to get out of my chest cavity. As I start the exam, I felt like there was something holding me that I can’t move my hands, I was only staring at the screen. 1st question was really, really hard, actually, all of those questions were hard. As I go along, I waited for number 75 expecting that the computer will shut down, but it did not. Until I reached number 265, and I felt really hopeless, I thought I will not pass that nerve-wracking exam. That is why when I found out that I passed NCLEX, the only thing I can say was Thank you, Lord.

NCLEX sponsorship program is really a well recommended one. I felt really blessed from being part of this program. I never thought an impossible will be possible with the help of this program.
To other aspiring nurses, the best is yet to come. Be part of the HCPI And start your own #AmericanDream
It is never too late to be what you might have been. It will not be easy but absolutely it will be worth it.

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