“I am one of those nurses who were abandoned by my petitioner due to the long wait as resulted from the retrogression. When my priority date came I was left without any employer. I applied online for a job opportunity at any hospital facility and at any states; my family and friends also helped me search for a new would be employer, but to no avail. There are a lot of qualified nurse already the states.
But as I was accepted by Health Carousel as one of their staff, all the other opportunities in other Hospital from various places in the states has flowed in. I had a lot of option and opportunities until I got to choose where I wanted to be. Now, just about a year with HC I’m finally leaving for the states. Thanks to HC and all the “makulit” staff and Processing Associates who won’t stop demanding for requirements to submit it now! But after the end of the day it was all well worth it for I didn’t expect it would be this fast and easy to have my Immigrant visa”

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