“I always believe that there is no hurdle one can’t surpass as long as he/she is determined to find ways and means to solve it. Often times, it requires determination, resiliency, disciplined, focused-mindset and being open to changes regardless how drastic to achieve anything he/she wants to achieve. With the help of Allah and Health Carousel Inc. things were made possible for me and my husband and with the constant and undying support of our family we were able to surpass everything.
I would like to thank all the processing associates (Josephine, Roda, Ms. Nyra especially Kimberly) who are all professional and at the same time very patient with assisting me in complying with all the requirements needed. It is also an honor to have met and spoken with Ms. Connie. Thank you for making this opportunity possible for us. I will be at the forefront in recommending this agency to friends and relatives. They worked in a timely manner, very responsive, professional and help you in the best way they can to fulfill your American Dream.”

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