I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2015 and at that time I did not have any idea yet as to how to go about with the process of taking the NCLEX exam to file on Immigrant application. I was filled with anxiety at that time but as my PA ran me through the initial process and adequately answered my questions I became a bit more confident. Health Carousel frequently updated me with how each process went and I, in turn, made sure that I pass all documents, exams tests they require on time. It is given that one of the most common hindrances a nurse faces when applying abroad is the constraint of finances that is why I am glad that Health Carousel shouldered some fees such as the application for immigration. Not only were my PAs professional in dealing with me as a candidate but they were also approachable to the point that it felt like they were my friends and partners. The way they communicated was comforting and seemed as if I am a part of their family. Overall I am very much thankful for Health Carousel.

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