I started my journey with Health Carousel back in July 2016 when I saw it on an online job posting site. They called me for an interview in person and I signed the contract by October 2016. The process of my application was not that difficult for the assistance of my coordinator at that time. Their instructions were easy to follow and are fast as long as you follow their timeline.

The experience with Health Carousel is great they would not leave you to confuse or give hard instruction, everything from my experience is good. If I’ve followed their timeline strict I think my application would be processed faster. I commend every Advisor I had since I started with Health Carousel. Every process is clearly explained and they give timely updates.

A message for those who are reading this: Do not lose hope or lose patience that your application is taking so long. As long as you follow the process and instructions given to you, you will achieve your dream.



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